Custom Trailers

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It!

Custom Trailers

When it comes to trailers, our motto is – if you can dream it, we can build it. The Josephs Group Trailer Division specializes in Trailer Procurement and Trailer Customization. Our leadership has long-standing relationships with many of the best trailer manufacturers in the United States, and our trailer build-out staff has provided customization services for every type of trailer that you could imagine.

Trailer Procurement
Our leadership has been involved in procuring Chassis Trailers, Flatbed Trailers, Dry Vans, Refrigerated Trailers, Lowboy Trailers, Step Deck Trailers, Extendable Flatbed Trailers, Stretch Single Drop Deck Trailer, Removable Gooseneck Trailers and many other types as well. When it comes to providing these sorts of trailers, our greatest strength is in listening to the needs of the customer. We take the time to understand the specifics about their intended use, we consult at least three of our trusted suppliers in an effort to get different opinions and make sure that our client gets the best deal possible. Throughout the years we have worked to refine this process because we know it ensures that we get each client the perfect product to meet their needs and expectations.

Audio Visual/ Entertainment Trailers
We know what it takes to build a successful entertainment trailer because we’ve manufactured nearly 100 entirely custom trailers to date. Each trailer is no less than 7 1/2 feet tall on the inside which is nearly a foot taller than our competitors. This gives every user more space and allows everyone in the trailer to feel more comfortable. We don’t install a boring flat ceiling – we design a 3-dimensional ceiling to give it depth, texture, and style to add to that wow factor. Our larger trailers come with two air conditioners which can be set to specific temperatures allowing for maximum comfort and ideal power consumption. We use only the highest quality speakers, amplifiers, wiring and other components to ensure that the sound is crisp powerful audio that you can feel. We build your trailer based on your specifications, but our experience puts us in a unique position to make suggestions that will likely give you an even better product than you expected.

Whether you need trailer procurement or design services, we can help. When we’re doing procurement, you’re going to get exactly what you want. When we’re building a custom trailer, we keep you involved throughout the process. We always work to make sure that the lines of communication are open so you can have an active role in your trailer’s process. In both cases, we use our trusted network of logistics specialist to get your trailer delivered on time and on budget. Call us for your free initial consultation or fill out the contact form today – so we can discuss your project specifically.


Meet Lee Bekhor

Lee graduated from the University of South Florida where he earned a Bachelor's Degree and an MBA in Process Management. He has past experience as the owner/ operator of a high-end real estate investment company which operated in the US and internationally. He is currently the proud owner of Premier Gaming Trailers, a mobile entertainment company which builds and ships trailers and vans worldwide. Call Lee to schedule your free initial consultation: