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Internet Marketing Services

The Josephs Group holds certifications in Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Mobile Sites, Bing Ads and Hubspot Inbound Marketing. We have an in-house team of marketing professionals who have a long track record of turning potential clients into paying customers. Our job is to obsess over your bottom line and find creative ways that get you to your end goals. To do this we employ a comprehensive marketing strategy which is entirely custom and would consist of some combination of the following services; website development, website design, search engine optimization, pay per click search advertisement, video production, graphic development, media buying, event marketing and social media marketing. We’re a Certified Small Business Enterprise and Minority Business Enterprise with the State of Florida’s Office of Supplier Diversity, Hillsborough County Economic Development Department and the City of Tampa’s Minority & Small Business Development Center.

Below you will find some of the most popular internet marketing services that our private sector division has to offer.


Website Development

Custom Website Development separates you from your competition because it allows you to perfectly place all of your content in a way that will increase the likelihood of turning a person who is visiting your website into a customer. You can have every page designed to convince your customer to take the steps you think are necessary to choose you over the competition.

• Custom design the entire layout
• Never worry about wasted space on a website again
• Have a 24/7 marketing apparatus that separates you from your competitors
• Make every page on the website an opportunity to turn clicker into a customer

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Graphic Design

Custom graphic design services give your clients a reason to believe that you're someone they can work with. When someone cares enough to invest in the marketing materials it shows that they take the little things seriously. It shows that you're building something that's not going away any time soon and those small reasons can make the big difference when it's time to choose between you and your competition.

• This is your opportunity to Stand Out
• Design every pamphlet and page to meet your goals
• You could have multiple marketing sets for the different types of clients
• Custom design allows you to have a consistent design to all of your marketing materials

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Before we ever design one line of graphic design or begin writing one line of code - we take the time to sit down and write the content that will be the basis of your marketing. Without a message, prospective clients will have no reason to hire you. Your content is the perfect opportunity to give them a reason. Your content should tell potential clients who you are and really good content should also focus on the following...

• Why should I hire you?
• How are you different from your competition?
• What qualifications do you have that will show me that you know what you're doing?
• Am I the first person giving you money for this product or service?

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Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is why Facebook is so valuable and why the user base is always so angry. They track the people who engage on their platform and then go to another website looking for services or products. When those people come back to Facebook, they will see a well-placed ad highlighting the exact product they were searching for on another website. This technology isn't just for large companies, we can help you do it too.

• These ads can be used to complete conversion or build brand awareness
• Market to your clients on every screen in their house and their pockets
• You can start with less than $100 and get results
• This is a race where you can actually compete with national competitors and win

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Search Ads

When a prospective clients types in your service or industry in a search engine you want to appear in the top results so you have an opportunity to make them a client. These are called search ads and if the person doesn't click, it cost you nothing. These advertisements appear before and after the organic results and you only have to pay for them if the person clicks on your ad.

• This is your chance to be seen when a customer might be searching for your competition
• Search Ads allow you to see exactly how every dollar is spent
• You can run ads anytime and stop them at any time
• You have the ability to target specific zip codes to ensure targeted marketing

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