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At The Josephs Group, we’re a different kind of Consulting Firm because we base our suggestions on each team member’s past business successes and we have the ability to help you implement each of our recommendations. Unlike many large consulting firms, all of our consultants understand the rigors of running a small business on a daily basis and having employees counting on you to do a competent job. We don’t make unrealistic suggestions that only Fortune 500 companies have the bandwidth to implement. We start the business consulting process by giving you actionable business intelligence that will transform your business with minimal investment. And once you’ve seen the ROI, then we use measured technics that will lead to ensuring your business’ lasting and sustainable growth.

Our company is constantly fighting against the negative stereotypes that people in our field have earned over the past 20 years. We know that when most people hear the word “Business Consultant” they think of a well-organized company that gives their clients an in-depth 200-page plan that will likely never be implemented because of complexity and astronomical cost. This tactic ensures that the “Business Consultant” is always right because the client never fully implemented the plan thus creating room to say – “if the plan was fully adopted the client would have had success beyond their wildest dreams.” Now I know that’s not true, and as a business owner, you know that’s not true either. These ideas from these “Business Consultants” are created by a bunch of MBA’s for a bunch of MBA’s to understand and their recommendations aren’t built for normal business owners who understand what true day to day operations mean.

The Josephs Group has 2 in-house MBA’s who spearhead our Business Consulting efforts, but they are the exception to the “Business Consultant” rule because they are active entrepreneurs who have Fortune 500 experience on their resumes, and their work spans many industries. The Josephs Group is different because we’re a group of entrepreneurs who all own other businesses and come together to lend our experience to businesses that want to be successful. We differ from most consulting companies because we actually use the advice we give. We would never tell you to do something that we haven’t already tried and we would never advise you to invest money in technology or processes that we have personally used ourselves. Call us for your free initial consultation or fill out the contact form today so we can discuss your consulting needs specifically.


Meet Lee Bekhor

Lee graduated from the University of South Florida where he earned a Bachelor's Degree and an MBA in Process Management. He has past experience as the owner/ operator of a high-end real estate investment company which operated in the US and internationally. He is currently the proud owner of Premier Gaming Trailers, a mobile entertainment company which builds and ships trailers and vans worldwide. Call Lee to schedule your free initial consultation: