About The Josephs Group

The Josephs Group is a professional services firm specializing in private sector consulting and public sector fulfillment. Our private sector consulting division focuses on making businesses more competitive in an evolving technology-driven world. Our public sector fulfillment division is focused on making sure our men and women in uniform get the quality supplies they need to complete the mission. We’re a Certified Small Business Enterprise and Minority Business Enterprise with the State of Florida’s Office of Supplier Diversity, Hillsborough County Economic Development Department and the City of Tampa’s Minority & Small Business Development Center. Our core private sector clients are small businesses with less than 500 employees, W/MBE Certified Companies and Non-Profit Organizations – but our consultants all have Fortune 500 experience. Our company mantra is “consulting. correcting. creating. results” – these words embody who we are and explain how we go about the process of helping our customers meet success.

Why Choose Us?

At The Josephs Group, we offer a money back guarantee if we’re unable to help you achieve the success you’re looking for and we’ve agreed to provide. We chose our mantra to serve as a checklist for every client we work with and every individual service we offer. Our past successes and attention to detail make us confident with each project we choose to undertake. Give our subject matter experts an opportunity to talk with you about your goals and help you get a better understanding of what’s necessary to achieve them.

Our Mantra


To us, consulting means that we listen to all of the issues our client is facing and find solutions based on past success and industry adapted best practices.


To us, correcting is a triple entendre that we use in place of the word “perfection”. We first spend a lot of time research your issue and a solution before we offer a recommendation. After we’ve offered the recommendation we then focus on finding ways to make improvement during the implementation process. After the implementation, we’re still refining to make sure that you get maximum results with minimal effort and cost.


To us, creating means that we will never give you a plan and say; “good luck finding someone to implement our assessment.” We’re different from other consultants because we can either do the work in-house or use our trusted network of service providers and be responsible for outcomes while we take the lead on your implementation.


To us, results are simply helping you get the increase you deserve. Some clients want an increase in the productivity of human capital, others want an increase in the streamlining of their processes, and most want an increase in their profits.