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Give Perspective Clients Something To Remember You By

Graphic Design

In-house graphic design services allow us to the opportunity to build a custom look and feel that can’t be found anywhere else. We have the ability to do both Website Design and Print Design services in-house. This allows us to take the exact elements from your website and use them in your print materials so your customers can actually feel the message continuity. When we start this process, we first use a sheet paper and pencil to wireframe everything before we ever draw the first design line in a computer program. We view this multistep approach as a necessity because we know that customers can either feel engaged or turned off by what they see in a company’s graphic designs. We always advise potential clients to take an investment in design seriously, because the clients who do take it seriously tend to see an improvement in increased brand awareness and ultimately brand loyalty amongst their end consumers.

Web Design Services
After all of your website content is written and we have all of the pictures and videos that will go on your website – the next step in the process is to begin designing every pixel of your website in Adobe PhotoShop. We think through how your customer will interact with each page and how the words and images will make them feel and then we begin the design process to accentuate those aspects. We don’t over design or try to outthink the process. We want to convey who you are as a business and make potential customers feel an adequate level of professionalism that puts you in direct internet competition with your closest internet competitors.

Print Design Services
Once we get to print design, we regularly create letterhead, business cards, brochures, pamphlets, banners and other items to help our clients represent their business in the best way possible. The value of this service is the look and feel of professionalism. These products help you promote your services long after you’re done talking with former, current or prospective clients. We have successfully implemented these services for clients in the past and we highly recommend its value to everyone who is serious about their business and cares about having a contiguous marketing strategy.

At the Josephs Group, we create organize all graphic design around the content first. In some cases, we will even share a few mock designs so you can be an active participant throughout the process. Having a collaborative process ensures that you will give something to customers that you will be proud of. As this process has taught us in the past, print materials and a website you are proud are things that you will confidently share with prospective customers. But more importantly, a professional look and feel will bring clients to you and give you an opportunity to turn them into customers. Call us for your free initial consultation or fill out the contact form today – we’re eager to show you what we can do for you.


Meet Sean Josephs

Sean holds multiple Google and Bing Certifications which will inform the best practices aspect when organizing your content strategy. He received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Florida in Public and Cultural Communications. His marketing skills were honed as part of the Program Analytics Team for BFG Communications which was contracted to to handle all marketing for R.J. Reynolds/ Camel Cigarettes. Call Sean to schedule your free initial consultation: