The Josephs Group is a professional services firm specializing in private sector consulting and public sector fulfillment. Our private sector consulting division focuses on making businesses more competitive in an evolving technology-driven world. Our public sector fulfillment division is focused on making sure our men and women in uniform get the quality supplies they need to complete the mission. We’re a Certified Small Business Enterprise and Minority Business Enterprise with the State of Florida’s Office of Supplier Diversity, Hillsborough County Economic Development Department and the City of Tampa’s Minority & Small Business Development Center.

Below you will find two separate portals. One will lead you to our Private Sector Consulting and the other leads to Public Sector Contracting. In both of our services, you will get a better understanding of who we are as an organization as well as the experience that we feel qualifies us to provide these services.


Private Sector Consulting

The Josephs Group is different from other private sector consultants because we have the ability to implement every recommendation we make. We take the time to fully diagnose your problem, find solutions based on industry-adapted best practices and create a step by step action plan. If you're truly ready to fix the problem we will then implement the solution in-house and stand behind our work with a money back guarantee.

• Each of our consultants has at one point owned a small business
• Each of our consultants has Fortune 500 experience
• Our industry-wide experience spans nearly every business sector
• We stand behind our consulting work with a money back guarantee

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Public Sector Contracting

We are a battle-tested government contracting company that has spent years cultivating a team of industry experts. We have the specialized staff to do nearly all work in-house, but if we ever need to partner with an organization we only choose from organizations that we already have an existing private sector relationship with. Our company has a wide network of resources and cross-industry experience.

• In-house vehicle customization team
• In-house technical team
• Network of acquisition specialist whose expertise is in hard to source items
• Worldwide logistics team that has moved products all over the world for our leadership

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