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Government Consulting Services

The only way a consultant can provide quality direction to your office is if that person understand the intricacies of what you deal with on a daily basis and they show a willingness to listen intently to your challenges. At The Josephs Group, we’re fortunate to have a former Major in The United State Air Force spearheading our government consulting efforts. She understands bureaucracy and what it’s like to have superiors who count on you and subordinates who depend on your leadership. It is for this reason that when we’re providing government consulting services that we assess everything, keep you involved during the planning process, identify the opportunities and then – WE ACT!

Part of our job is to make sure that we understand what is and what isn’t in your purview. We also take into account how many people will be performing the implementation and all of their varying skill levels. When we know all of this information, it ensures that all of our recommendations can be implemented by your office in a timely manner. As an organization, we take pride in knowing that information we’ve gone to great lengths to comprise information that will be put to good use. If necessary, we will take the time to teach your staff how to perform your implementation, or we can utilize our in-house staff to help you implement our recommendations.

Our company is fortunate to have a former officer of the United States Air Force as an in-house consultant. As an organization, we would never tell you to do something that we haven’t already tried and we would never advise you to invest money in technology or processes that we have personally used ourselves. Call us for your free initial consultation or fill out the contact form today so we can discuss we can learn about your goals and lend our assistance to help you complete the mission.


Meet Paula Miller

Major Paula M. Miller, USAF (Ret.), graduated from Georgia Military College in 1993 and The University of South Florida's ROTC Program in 1995 with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. Throughout her 20 years of military service, she was stationed at Warner Robbins AFB, Wright-Patterson AFB, Lackland AFB, Ramstein AFB and The Pentagon. She heads our Military Contract Division because her past roles have led her to do a lot of buying on behalf of the USAF.