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Vehicle Purchasing and Customization Services

The Josephs Group Vehicle Division specializes in Procurement, Customization and supplying large quantities for governmental agencies. Our leadership has long-standing relationships with many vehicle dealerships in the United States, Middle East, Europe and South Africa. But, we feel confident that we can aid in the procurement and customization services in all corners of the world. Our local customization staff has provided customization services for numerous types of vehicles and they have the ability to handle projects in the most remote locations if necessary.

Vehicle Procurement
Our leadership has been involved in procuring and selling large quantities of cars, trucks, buses, RV’s, ATV’s, yachts, watercrafts and many other vehicle types. Throughout the years our leadership has facilitated so many purchases that we can assure bulk pricing discounts to our clients. We have a refined acquisition process and a large network of logistics experts to ensure that we can handle every aspect – ensuring that your office its vehicles on time and on budget.

Vehicle Customization
We use our years of experience to ensure a successful customization project. For all engine modifications, we utilize the services of our ASE Certified Master Tech and his 9,000 square foot shop. For our exterior and interior customizations, we utilize our trailer/ vehicle modification staff which has a combined 58 years of experience of vehicle customization experience. In addition to the thousands of cars, they have also customized nearly 100 entirely custom entertainment trailers to date. We’re a team-oriented company with strong in-house personnel and if your customization is unconventional, we also have strategic partners outside of our organization that we can draw on in an effort to ensure your expectations are met.

Whether you need vehicle procurement or customization services, we can help. When we’re doing procurement, you’re going to get exactly what you want. When we’re customizing a vehicle, we keep you involved throughout the process. We always work to make sure that the lines of communication are open so you can have an active role until we deliver your vehicles to their place of performance. In both cases, we use our trusted network of logistics specialist to get your vehicle delivered on time and on budget. Call us for your free initial consultation or fill out the contact form today so we can discuss your project specifically.


Meet Lee Bekhor

Lee graduated from the University of South Florida where he earned a Bachelor's Degree and an MBA in Process Management. He has past experience as the owner/ operator of a high-end real estate investment company which operated in the US and internationally. He is currently the proud owner of Premier Gaming Trailers, a mobile entertainment company which builds and ships trailers and vans worldwide. Call Lee to schedule your free initial consultation: